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Semi-Custom Stationery

Price List

Here is will be able to the breakdown of each element that creates your semi-custom

wedding stationery suite. 

To make it super simple and easy, we have separated each product into sections.


Before the Day - One the Day - After the Day - Extras


By doing this, we hope to make the process of deciding what you do or do not need easy! If you still are not sure what is essential and what is extra, refer to our FREE essential stationery checklist found on our Wedding Stationery Tab!


If you are super organised and are a wedding wiz, and have some extra ideas as to what else you would like incorporating into your suite, then please get in touch and we will work together to realise your wedding stationery dreams! 

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This priceless is here to hopefully give you an idea of what to expect your stationery suite to cost.

Here at Harris & Bloom, we value transparency and honesty, and want to help make your wedding stationery dreams come true!

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