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Your Wedding Flowers


Breathtaking Floral design that won't cost the earth.

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Everlasting Flowers

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David Austin Roses

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Fresh Flowers


Scented Confetti

Your Wedding Flowers

Once you have decided on the theme for your wedding we can start the journey of bringing your dreams to life and we will be there to help guide you every step of the way.
Your flowers and floral displays will create the setting and capture the essence of your wedding that you will celebrate and cherish forever.

The Brides Bouquet

Together with your dress, your bouquet is undeniably the most important element of your wedding day and one that you will treasure for a lifetime.












When it comes to choosing the design for you bouquet, there are many options you can consider. Delicate hand tied posies, to romantic, exuberant, cascading bouquets all of which can be equally simple or decadent. The possibilities are endless...


Most brides have at least one specific flower that they would like to incorporate into their bouquet, which can form the focal point of the design or it maybe the surrounding foliage such as eucalyptus or sweetly scented herbs. Whatever your wishes, we will happily comply. There is an abundance of flowers, exotics, herbs, wildflowers, succulents and foliage available all year round and we source only the freshest, finest quality flowers from English and Fair trade sustainable farms.

Everlasting, Fresh or Both

Our opinion is that both fresh and everlasting flowers can be equally stunning in both your bouquets and venue displays. We also combine fresh and everlasting flowers together, which is a wonderful option, a very popular choice and they do look stunning entwined together. 

Floral Pricing

As every brides floral dream is unique, each bouquet, boutonnière, corsage and arrangement will need to be priced individually and what you can be certain of is that our prices are very competitive and you will receive the highest quality product, attention to detail and service at all times.

Always Remember

“What you hold in your hands should reflect you and be an extension of what exudes from within ~ Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be Authentic, Be Breathtaking, Be You”!

- Harris & Bloom.

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Alison Harris

FLORAL Designer

Alison Harris

FLORAL Designer

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