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There is now an increasing number of brides requesting just everlasting flowers and they do have many benefits including:

Most every variety of flower and foliage is available throughout the seasons.

A huge choice of colours from palest blush tones to vibrant and intense primary shades and are Ideal if you:


  • Suffer with allergies,

  • The best option if you are travelling long distance or overseas

  • Suitable in all weather conditions 

  • Can be delivered in advance

  • Often more cost effective 

  • You have everlasting flowers to keep forever.

You should be aware that the quality of everlasting flowers varies dramatically and we pride ourselves on sourcing and providing only the highest quality, most realistic silk flowers and you will see that it is very difficult to tell whether they are fresh or not even when very close up. We always recommend that you actually see your everlasting flowers to make sure you are happy with them before committing to an order. 


We always have a large selection for you to view in our showroom and you can see some of our examples in the gallery section.

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