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Romance of the Rose


The ultimate wedding flower is undeniably 'The Rose' and we love nothing more than to be asked to incorporate these locally grown, extraordinary blooms into your bouquets and arrangements.

World renowned, with now over 200 varieties David Austin roses are the epitome of breathtaking beauty. 

Each beautiful bloom has distinctive tight buds that unfurl hundreds of delicate velvet petals that spin out to create a rosette of frills and colour. 


These sublime roses are not just famed for their unique and beautiful blooms. They have the most alluring and provocative fragrances. Each rose is named for its individual colour and exquisite scent that will simply take your breath away.


David Austin roses are available all year round from our specialist suppliers in a myriad of delicate pastel shades to vibrant pinks, burnt orange, magenta and ruby red. We can blend these mesmerising blowsy works of art with cascading foliage and blooms that harmonise with layers of colour, texture and fragrance that will simply take your breath away.





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